Nov 272009

Let's Picnic

Welcome to my world!

I am a realism artist that believes that we all have an inner need and desire to be creative and create. We all have unique gifts or talents and abilities that no one else in this world can duplicate. I believe that we are not totally happy in life and fulfilled if we are not taking  some time, to do the small things that give us fulfillment. I believe that we are born with these gifts or talents and we can improve on them with practice and development, but they are already there.

I know, from my own experience, that life has a way of crowding out these desires and needs as we get married, have kids, and get involved in those jobs that provide for ourselves and our families. This natural process has a way of taking control of our lives and crowding out the time we have to  be creative and experience the fulfillment that being creative brings. This blog hopes to change that.

My area of creativity involves the visual arts,  acrylic painting and photography along with gardening and the hybridizing of daylilies. We can have more than one interest creatively and different talents. That is what makes us unique. To some their area of creativity is music, to another it is gardening, to another developing recipes, to another creative writing and the list goes on and on.

I also believe that this creative process has healing qualities. That it feeds our inner being and is healing to the the body as well. To some, music can make them weep and gives them great pleasure and is healing to their soul. To me, I like music but the visual arts are much more healing. I can sit and look at a painting  for hours and it feeds my inner being! What would life be like if we did not have the arts?

If we did not have the culinary arts what would make a good restaurant? If we did not have music and the human voice what would be appealing to the ears other than the sounds of nature which are God’s creativity? If we did not have the art of architecture what would our buildings be like?

As you can see the arts bring more than just meaning to life that plain words can not express!!! It would take someone gifted in the art of words to express all that the arts bring to our lives! Creativity in our society is all intertwined and all of our gifts come together to create beauty.

This blog is about the visual arts. If you have ever participated in art in your life time and known that you were an artist, and gotten away form it through the years for various reasons, one of the purpose of this blog is to encourage you to get back at it.

Another purpose of this blog is to encourage you to be you! Do the art that makes you happy and that you are gifted in. I am a realist artist that likes to paint color, light and shadow. You may be an abstract painter that likes to paint shapes or portraits. I like to paint landscapes and buildings. The point is, be you and paint what makes you happy.

Another purpose of this blog is to share the techniques for my realism style for all those that are interested in this style of art. Of course, as you learn and practice the techniques that I give you your art will develop into your own style of painting just as mine has. I want to give my secrets and step by step instructions that I would have loved to be able to have learned from other artist when I was getting started. I am a self taught artist and the things that I have learned over the years that have made the creative process easier for me I would like to share with all those that are interested.