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Let's Climb the Willow 800

In this post I want to give a brief description of the process of painting the Original Acrylic Painting “Let’s Climb the Willow”. This is a scene in Crawford County in Pennsylvania that I have taken pictures of on several different occasions. I just love this tree. It is a Willow, at least I think it is a Willow, and reminds me of the Weeping Willow that I used to climb when I was a kid. I would climb up until I could see over the top of the tree. I would see ten city blocks away. What a view, I remember it like it was yesterday. This painting was finished on the 22nd of February.

french creek #27b 800

This is the photo that I took and printed out with the same process as I stated in an earlier blog post. The photo is 16″ x 20″.

Let's Climb the Willow 800, transferring the image

This is a photo of transferring the image.

Let's Climb the Willow 800, the image transferred

I laid the color in on this one before I transferred the image because the sky needed to be done first.

Let's Climb the Willow 800 , after tree painted

The painting in the tree and doing the detail of the tree took about seven hours. After I did this step I almost turned it into a winter scene because I didn’t want to paint over any of the tree’s detail. I just fell in love with this tree.

Let's Climb the Willow, Camio 800

I included this cameo in the post because I wanted to let the viewer see the detail. The photo of the at the top of the blog of the finished painting is not a clear as I would like to have it. It is a little blurred and does not show the detail. I took about twenty photographs of the painting but this was the best one and I didn’t have the time to keep trying to get one that was not ether blurry or had a glare.

I purposely did not comer the main limbs on the tree with leaves because I love the tree so much. If you look at the real finished painting you see the tree much like the photo of the tree without the leaves. It just doesn’t come across in the photo of the finished work. This in one of my favorite paintings that I have ever done. The photo does not do it justice.

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