Mar 222010

This painting is of the Erie National Wildlife Refuge and is also where I saw a Bald Eagle flying in the wild for the first time in my life, up close and personal. It was a magnificent, magnificent sight. I could, at that moment, just imagine what the first English settlers felt like when they looked up and saw a Bald Eagle flying for their very first time.

This area of the Refuge is right off of a busy road but if you could block the road out of your mind it reminds you of the wilderness and you can imagine what the early settlers would have experienced in their day.

At the same time I also imagined what the area would have been like during the time before the settlers arrived in this country. A time when Indians would have enjoyed the sight of the Bald Eagle flying just as much as I did. I have Cherokee Indian in my ancestry. My great, great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee.

I have seen a Bald Eagle at this location about twenty to thirty times since this first encounter.

Colors 800

This painting is 20″ x 26″ framed.

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